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Healthy skin is in. Are you ready?

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Express $65

On the go? Need a quick face refresher? Brighten up your day with this mini skincare treatment. This 30 minute treatment will leave you glowing in the nick of time.

Classic $120

Rejuvenate your dull tired skin with a customized facial to fit your needs. This includes a thorough cleansing, gentle exfoliation, custom mask and facial massage with ultimate hydration.

Some common acne triggers are: Touching your face, not cleansing your face, dirty pillowcases, stress/hormones, and our most favorite.... dairy and sugars.
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The Revival $155

This 90 minute skin pampering facial will have you glowing and feeling revived. Take this extra time to give your skin what it really needs. 

Deep Pore Cleanse $190

Our most popular facial! Deeply cleanse your skin with this Hydradermabrasion treatment. Enjoy pain free extractions while deep cleansing the skin and rehydrating with medical grade serums for instant results.

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Our skin rejuvenates every 28 days. As we mature our skin takes longer and longer to rejuvenate. Monthly facials help expedite this cell turnover process. 

Hydrojelly Facial $130

We offer a variety of Hydrojelly Masks that benefit your skincare needs. This ingredient driven facial is packed with targeted nutrients while locking in the essentials.

Microdermabrasion $125

This mechanical exfoliation helps treat light scarring, sun damage and stretch marks by removing the thicker uneven outer layer of the skins surface. Every 2-4 weeks is recommended for maximum results.

A Back Facial is a great way to keep your skin feeling refreshed. It helps to remove the build up of dirt, sweat, natural oils and more that can accumulate on the skin over time. It can be difficult to reach your back on your own, so let us take care of that for you. 
Back Facial

Exfoliating Back Facial $125
Ask about a HyraBackFacial upgrade*

A cleansing treatment that targets the number one hard to reach spot. This exfoliating treatment helps to clear out clogged pores while easing back tension, leaving your back feeling fresh.

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